How to Beat the Competition?

What Winners do (Cricket Theory)

1. Study the game — Cricket

Know exactly — what it takes to win

2. Study the opponent — Bowlers

These are the people/things who will hinder your path.

3. Study the competitor — Other Batsmen

Learn from your competitors instead of fearing them

4. Study the Judge — Umpire

Know who will and how will they decide the winner

5. Stay Focused

Even if you get the above 4 right, the results won’t show till you are focused upon winning.

Mistakes Losers do

· Hate the Competitors / Winners

This makes you passive and unable to progress in your own game

· Think there will be only 1 winner

Most competitions have more than 1 winner, try to be one of them if not the very best.

· Blame the system

They believe in a strange concept of equality in which everyone should have everything that is not possible because if everyone is best, no one is best.

· Give up

Life gives you so many chances one after the other. Holding onto one loss and giving up is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

· Choose wrong games

Once you have studied multiple games, opponents, competitors, and judges, you can choose the game that meets your requirements and have a better chance of winning.

All the Best for the Competition called Life



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Aayu Kharbanda

Aayu Kharbanda

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