How to avoid failed relationships?

“Relationship” is a broad term meaning a connection between two or more people. It can be between friends, family, professionals, and a romantic couple. This article will help you avoid the only reason why relationships fail.

The Solution — Honesty with yourself

There is only 1 reason why relationships fall apart i.e., Happiness mismatch. One party feels less happy than their expectations.

To avoid failed relationships you must know

· Your expectations — Fixed

Know what you want. Lying about expectations causes chaos later.

· Your valuation — Fixed

This is your perception of how much worth is their contribution. You can have a high valuation — value something more than it is usual for ex . 1 hour from them feels like 4 hours to you or you can have low valuation .

· Their contribution — Changes

This is an estimate of how much the other party can contribute in terms of time, effort, resources, and emotions.

Enter the relationship only when

(What other party contributes) X (How much you value it) >= expectation


It is possible that other parties overestimate their contribution. Remind them of the committed contribution. Leave the relationship if this doesn’t work.


A failed relationship is a huge waste of your contribution. Choose them wisely. Don’t enter a relationship based on emotions. Because they change over time. It is rational to wait for a relationship where all parties get enough happiness. The solution offered is faster and safer than the usual hit-and-trial approach.

Personal Note

This article might come across as a very materialistic view of relationships. If you wish to keep on trying relationships hoping to stumble upon a good one someday. It is perfectly alright. All the Best.




An ambitious 22 year old trying to disrupt education industry.

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Aayu Kharbanda

Aayu Kharbanda

An ambitious 22 year old trying to disrupt education industry.

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