How to avoid failed relationships?

How to make friends? How to avoid breakups?

“Relationship” is a broad term meaning a connection between two or more people. It can be between friends, family, professionals, and a romantic couple. This article will help you avoid the only reason why relationships fail.

The Solution — Honesty with yourself

There is only 1 reason why relationships fall apart i.e., Happiness mismatch. One party feels less happy than their expectations.

Know what you want. Lying about expectations causes chaos later.

This is your perception of how much worth is their contribution. You can have a high valuation — value something more than it is usual for ex . 1 hour from them feels like 4 hours to you or you can have low valuation .

This is an estimate of how much the other party can contribute in terms of time, effort, resources, and emotions.

Enter the relationship only when

(What other party contributes) X (How much you value it) >= expectation


It is possible that other parties overestimate their contribution. Remind them of the committed contribution. Leave the relationship if this doesn’t work.


A failed relationship is a huge waste of your contribution. Choose them wisely. Don’t enter a relationship based on emotions. Because they change over time. It is rational to wait for a relationship where all parties get enough happiness. The solution offered is faster and safer than the usual hit-and-trial approach.

Personal Note

This article might come across as a very materialistic view of relationships. If you wish to keep on trying relationships hoping to stumble upon a good one someday. It is perfectly alright. All the Best.

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