How Free are we?

Independence Day 2021, Evaluating Freedom, Seeking Freedom

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 15, 2021

India celebrates its 75th Independence Day today on 15th August 2021. Let’s evaluate and discuss how free are we?

Freedom we have

· Freedom to condemn and question the government

Supreme Court holds this freedom for every individual in the world. You are free to speak ill about the Indian Government. You can Discuss, Debate, and get answers about it’s working.

· Freedom to be atheist

Freedom of religion includes Freedom to follow no religion. An individual can practice whichever religion or no religion they believe to be the most beneficial for their life.

· Freedom to Leave

Every Individual has the option to leave their country and live in a place they find suitable. This can’t be said for communist Nations such as North Korea.

· Freedom to Patriotism

While living in the country and getting the benefits of national services such as security, privacy, and justice you don’t have to be patriotic or contribute to the national services.

Freedom we need

· Freedom to education

Though it looks free not everyone can pursue the education they like at a time they want to. This has a major role in the society we reside in.

· Freedom to Marry

The Freedom to Marry and Divorce anyone without being judged by society.

· Freedom to sexuality

Every individual must be free to talk about, study about, share about, and practice his sexuality. Everyone must have the Freedom to pursue physical attraction and pleasures.

· Freedom to discuss crimes

The ability to talk about the crimes you have witnessed or endured without any legal or social consequences is the freedom we need. This will enable people to help victims like Nirbhaya without the fear of being harassed and cross-questioned by the police.

I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.

Let’s acknowledge the privileges we have and work towards the freedom we seek



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