How do we create pieces of our soul? — Horcruxes

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 20, 2021

Do you feel incomplete without your possessions or without your people?- Yes This article tells why we feel that way and how to handle it.

What is a Horcrux?

In the Harry Potter series, A Horcrux is an object formed by splitting soul and storing the pieces in different places.

In real life, Horcrux is anything created by investing our:

· Time

· Effort

· Resources and

· Thoughts.

The size of Horcrux depends on our investment in its creation.

Some Horcruxes: content you created, your relationships and possessions

Evaluating Horcruxes?

The external condition of our Horcruxes controls our pains and pleasures.

For example Likes on photos — give you pleasure, Breakups — give you pain.

We feel incomplete without our horcruxes

For example: Losing your phone, Death of a loved one, Absence of addiction substance, etc.

What to do?

It is nearly impossible to never create Horcruxes in your life.

There are 2 ways to get back control of our pains and pleasures from Horcruxes.

· Detach from material possessions

Be capable of living without them. Treat them as tools for life, not life itself.

· Feel complete in oneself

Learn to be complete without external objects, people, animals, or things


This article is a take on the concept of moh which means uttermost affection. Moh is considered the cause of all sorrow.

This holds true as you only get pain from a considered part of yourself.

The monks are able to live without Moh, we should at least try to reduce it.



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