Having a bad day?

Turn a bad day into a good day

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 14, 2021

What if I told you, it is next to impossible to have a bad day?

Read ahead to never have a bad day in your life

Avoid Bad Days

1. Confirmation Bias

This is the most common reason behind a bad day. You had a bad start to the day and assumed that you will have a bad day. Since your brain is now finding reasons to justify that you indeed are having a bad day. Everything that happens in your day is perceived as a bad day indicator.

2. A day = 24hrs

We forget that a day is 24 hours long and bad things can’t be happening to you for every second of it. There will be moments in your day that can bring joy to you if only you allow it.

For example — A hug from a loved one for 5 minutes is enough to make your day “good”

3. It’s not just you

Many things that we link to our bad day aren’t just happening to us it is happening to a large group of people.

For example — You wake to a hot and humid day and think that you are having a bad day because you hate the weather. But everyone in the region around you is having the same weather.

4. No Big Deal

In the rare case, if you had 24 hours of “bad” time. You can think about the good days you have had in past and use your past memories to close a bad day on a good note.


It is important to get over the “concept” of bad days because it leads to a pessimistic mindset throughout the day which is a self-made hurdle between you and your happiness and success.



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