Hardwork vs Smart work: Solved over a cup of tea

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJun 15, 2021


Let’s solve this dilemma over a cup of delicious tea.

Throughout our lives we all have been motivated to work hard by quotes such As

“Work hard in Silence, let success make your noise “

“The harder I work, Luckier I get “

“Work harder than you think you did yesterday”

So, it is natural for us to feel that lack of hardwork is the reason we are not achieving our goals. Maybe working harder will get us the job, the grade, the promotion, the medal, the respect or the love we are looking for.

We dust ourselves and get back and start working even harder. While doing so we see people using shortcuts, tricks, loopholes, or creativity to beat your hardwork. These innovative ways are called smart work.

Now you face the dilemma should I work harder or should I find ways to work smarter. These two options seem live diverging paths . I will help you understand how they are one and the same .

Let’s keep our philosophy on hold and head to kitchen. Let’s make a cup of tea.

We mix the water, the pleasantly smelling tea leaves, some milk and sugar . Is the tea ready ?

Unless you haven’t had tea ever in your life, you will exclaim that no it is not ready till we do enough boils .

Impressed by your knowledge of tea making. I light up a stove but the tea pot is still on the kitchen shelf.

Before I could ask a rhetorical question, you say — put the pot on the stove (little frustrated this time)

To Tease you one last time , I didn’t lower the flame as the tea comes to boil . To save your dear tea , you rush to lower the flame before it spills out.

After this mini war of weirdos in the kitchen, I serve you the tea with a siding of life lesson.

· A perfectly brewed tea is your goal in life

· The Flame we used to cook the tea is your hard work. It is mandatory. The harder you work the faster you cook.

· Placing the tea pot on the stove and regulating the flame knob is your smart work. You might cook a tea in 10 hours by placing it near the stove or you may drink over flowed tea from the teapot. In both the cases you will get your tea but definitely not the way you would like it.

In conclusion, While you can achieve your goals with just hard work (hence more hard work quotes and videos ) but If you want to achieve them more efficiently and effectively you need to channelize your hard work smartly i.e. work smarter



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