Grey: The Color of Life

Why Grey? What is life? Understand Relationships better

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 12, 2021

The seemingly boring color Grey encompasses the whole idea of Life. This article will change your perspective about life and the different things in it. You will complete this article with a love for the color Grey.

Why Grey?

1. Everyone is Grey

We understand the black and white extremes of a personality for example introvert-extrovert, good-bad, arrogant-humble, etc. But the reality is we are somewhere in the middle, we are all grey.

2. World is Grey

The world has different types of people, each one has a different color for us. If we mix all the colors, it looks Grey. The World looks boring but in reality, it is made up of billions of different colors.

3. You are Grey

If you think your life has so many downs and your life is black, try to think of the ups in your life and you will realize you are a shade of grey.

If you think you feel arrogant (all white), think about the things you can improve on and you will again realize you are Grey.

4. Life is Grey

We all try to understand life in some way or the other, but the colors we are trying to assign are red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, green, white, black, and so on. Think of life as a mixture that is ever-changing and you will find the color, Grey.

5. Relationships are Grey

We all want our relationships to be perfect (all white) but that can never be the case because humans are imperfect and there will be blacks in all of us. Hence, all human relationships are Grey.


If we start looking at ourselves and things around us as a mixture of different colors which are always mixing into each other, we will find the color, Grey. Grey looks boring but it is the reality, if you are able to see the colors that made up Grey you will fall in love with All Shades of Grey.



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