“Good” Mornings

Do you remember the morning when you woke up with a smile?

Don’t you miss it?

This article is about the art of “Waking up Happy “.

Three Checks

To wake up happy you need to clear three checks.

· Happy Before Sleep (Just Before)

Close your day on a happy note. If you are sleeping after tiring your brain with social media or after a fight with a loved one then you will have a bad next day.

o Short Term Hack

Watching relaxing videos, listening to calming music, or reading positive content.

o Long Term Solution

Being happy about something that is true every day. For example — Being Grateful about life, achievements, love, friends, etc.

· Happy During Sleep

Getting the much-needed rest after a fulfilling day is crucial for a good start to the morning.

o Short Term Hack

Working out to tire the body, eating a satisfying meal, Using an eye mask and earplugs

o Long Term Solution

Creating a peaceful sleeping environment and a fixed sleep routine.

· Happy After Sleep (Just After)

Having things to look forward to is essential to get you out of bed. These are not the energy-consuming work but the things you love to do.

o Short Term Hack

Eating something sweet after brushing teeth, talking to a loved one, Do your hobby first thing in the morning

o Long Term Solution

Having a purpose for life and breaking down the purpose into daily goals. The progress towards your beloved purpose will be the sweetest thing in the morning.

Reality Check

Getting the 3 checks right every day is difficult. Even If you are happy once 7 mornings. That single day will be as productive as the remaining 6 combined.


If you wish to have better days start with better mornings. To have good mornings and better days — happy before, during, and after your sleep



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Aayu Kharbanda

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