God: Oversimplified

Is God real ? Should I believe in God ? What is God?

A major part of the human population has some god or something they believe in. Why is that the case? Who needs god? What does God exactly mean? Read ahead to get the answers.

Photo by Mohnish Landge on Unsplash

Who is God?

We, humans, try to understand and hence control a lot of things. The things outside our ability of control we allocate a super being to control it. For example an outcome of a risky operation, a devastating natural disaster, or even the results of our exam.

We create believes that eases our lives — God loves us, He assures that our good deeds are valued, God will punish the wrongdoers, etc.

Is God real?

Sun is a star that emits heat necessary for the survival of humans


Sun is a God who is kind and loving to us.

Sun, Fire, Nature, Earth, Wind, Water, etc. are considered God by many people because they are too powerful for a single human.

Some religions have gone a step ahead in complexity and have considered God to be the controller of Sun, Fire, Nature, Earth, Wind, Water, etc.

As long as humans have limitations, there will be some version of God.

Benefits of God

· Blame God when things go unexpectedly wrong

· Thank God when things go unexpectedly right

· Leave your worries for God to take care

· Have a concept to unify fellow humans

· God gives Hope and Hope for better tomorrow is essential for life

· God gives you a sense of security

What no to do — Fear God