Ghosts we knew

People we lost

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 16, 2021

Ghost is someone that appears somewhat real but is not. Ghosts are a major part of horror movies but there is a lot more to the idea of Ghosts which is discussed in the article.

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Ghost: New Perspective

The people we used to know, our old friends, our colleagues, etc. somehow become like strangers to us. These people are neither total strangers nor friends. So, I call them ghosts. Cause they are there but also not there at the same time.

How to identify Ghosts?

Just like you think of ghosts on scary nights or when you watch some video/audio, you remember these ghosts in your nostalgia. They are someone I used to know but If I met them today, I won’t have much to talk to them.

How to deal with Ghosts?

It is hard to define a relationship with these ghosts. The solution is simple — Ghosts aren’t real. If someone is a ghost to you now, then they are not part of your world. They don’t fall under the category of strangers nor the category of friends. It is best to forget the ghosts but remember their stories to tell to your new friends.

What not to do?

People force friendship or act as if they are strangers when they meet these ghosts in person. In either case, we are behaving inappropriately. The least awkward solution would be to simply ignore their existence.


If you have a great old friend that you haven’t talked for a few years, that person isn’t a ghost because you will have a lot to talk about whenever you meet. Whereas a classmate from school who you never talked to is a ghost. Ghosts are people who make you feel awkward. Hence it is best to ignore them instead of forcing friendship upon them.


Many people will turn into ghosts as you continue with your life. Your office colleagues, your batch mates, and so on. Don’t expect that knowing them will benefit you someday. People only help their friends. If you need the help of a ghost, find new grounds to talk to them and try to build a new relationship from scratch.



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