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How to get selected everywhere?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 21, 2021

There are two types of selections processes. Identifying the type of selection process that is to be used for your target job, college or relationship can have a major impact on your chances of selection.

Two Types

1. Red Flag Selection

In this kind of process, the selector is trying to reject you using red flags (negative points). This is common in highly competitive and high applicant volume competitions.

For example — Entrance Exams have multiple cut-offs to reduce the number of candidates for interviews.

2. Green Flag Selection

In this kind of process, the selector is trying to accept you using green flags (positive points). This is common in developing institutions that are trying to make a mark for themselves.

For example — A startup might hire an inexperienced candidate for his values and his desire to learn new skills.

Unique Insight — Job Interviews

Any Job Interview can be split into two stages

· Resume round (where they judge you by your resume/recommendation)

· Post resume round (where they judge you on the basis of your interviews)

The Resume round uses a red flag selections process where the recruiters try to reduce as many candidates as possible and the Post resume round follows green flag selection where they filter your skills to find something useful for their company.

How to handle each type?

Red Flag Selection

Before Applying — Easily find out the factors considered red flags and remove most of them.

After Applying — Try to hide the red flags that you couldn’t remove (short term solution)

Green Flag Selection

Before Applying — Not easy to find green flags, hence make a bunch of potential green flags

After Applying — Test each green flag as a key to the lock, go ahead with the one that works.


Find out what kind of selection other person uses for the selected personal and professional partners.

For example — If your boss is an extrovert and uses green flag selection to be-friend his co-workers then keep trying to find green flags to get into his friend circle.

If a romantic partner uses red flag selection and completely avoids people with anger issues then avoid reaching out to them till you have anger issues.



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