FTR — Reliability Measure

How to be Reliable?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readOct 5, 2021

Do you want to measure how reliable you are as an employee, as a student, or as a person? This article will help you analyze and improve your reliability.


Your reliability is directly dependent on your ‘First Time Right’. One can understand this as — If you get 100 chances to do a task, How many times will you get it right on the first attempt. If you have a high FTR then you are a reliable person, whereas having a low FTR will make people doubt your submissions.

Real-Life Examples

1. If you send wrong emails at college then you have low FTR for emailing and people will not pay much attention to your emails.

2. If your product demos are delayed then you have low FTR for demo presentation at work and your boss won’t trust you to get your work done.

3. If you break your promise multiple times then your FTR for ‘your words’ is low and people will not trust your commitments.


· Quit Revision Mindset

People have a mindset that they will submit something faster and then improve it in the second iteration. Do you remember watching a video at 2x thinking that you will revise it but you never revisited it? Build a habit of getting things done in the first attempt as if there is no tomorrow.

· Communicate

If you are behind the deadline, if you are ill or if you forgot something such that you can’t get First Time Right then communicate the same to the person expecting the submission from you. If you broke a promise, postponed your demo, or forgot to send an email then communicate about your situation and try to avoid it in the future.

· Use Streak

No one is consciously keeping the score of your FTRs but if you can do it. You can build a streak for yourself. This will give you immense and motivation to maintain high standards. Pat yourself on the back if you are Mr/Ms/Mrs. Dependable.



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