Finite Wisdom Theory

How to be wise?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 26, 2021

Pick any topic in this World and you will find a lot of opinions, a lot of ideas, and a lot of content made about it. We live in an information overload era and this theory of Finite Wisdom will help you sail through it.

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This theory says that there is only a finite amount of wisdom in this world and everyone just repackages it in different ways. You only need to remember this Core Wisdom and other knowledge on a need basis. For example:

1. Time Management Tools

2. Productivity Hacks

3. Life Hacks

They look to be very different things but they are all centered on one single idea i.e., Time is finite and we have to utilize it well to get more things done.

If you are able to look at the big picture of every opinion, you will be left with only a handful of facts that you can also keep in mind. You should use these distilled facts to drive your own theories, your own opinions, and your own hacks. Since these facts are based upon your perception, you can call these facts your values.

My values are

· My Life = Lives I impact positively

· Never Hurt anyone deliberately

· Ensure that I am happy etc.

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Find your own values. This way you will find every content in this world related to your fundamental values. This will make you more passionate to act on these things.


As a famous Line in the Movie — 3 Idiots always ask “Kehna Kya Chahta ho bhai” and you will get the Core truth of the topic. The truth for this article was to help you realize there is a limited number of truths in the world and you must find them. Once you have those truths, you will find that everything is like a branch from the same tree of some truth.



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