Dad’s Lesson for Life Problems

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 13, 2021

I am publishing this article on the birthday of my father (13th July). I have learned a lot by observing and talking to him, in this article I share his approach to handle and solve problems.

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4 easy steps to solve any problem

Step 1: Write it down

Writing down the problems helps you understand the problems better and helps you to realize how less they are compared to what’s inside your brain.

6 problems sound like 6000 inside your brain ,whereas when you pen them down, they become 6

Step 2: Quantify It

Now that you have written the problems on a piece of paper. Assign them a number to depict the size of the problem. For example, Having No Job — 10000, Having bad hair — 10

Step 3: Cross off the easy problems

Solve the easiest problem and strike them off the list. This gives you immense satisfaction and mental peace.

Step 4: Break the Big guys

How do you eat an elephant — one bite at a time

Break the 10,000s of your list into 1000s, 100s, and 10s. And repeat step 3.

For example — No Job (10,000) — No LinkedIn visibility (100) + No Python skills (1000) + Not applying enough (10) …. So, on


My dad has successfully played all his personal and professional roles while dealing with problems like a ninja.

His method to solve the problems is — Write, Quantify, Cross and Break

Use this 4 step framework for your problems and talk to your parents and loved ones. You have no idea what lessons they might teach you.



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