Cost of Creativity

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 28, 2021

Everyone wants you to be creative, think outside the box, be innovative and find new ways of doing things. Most of the world isn’t willing to pay the price it takes to be creative. Let’s understand the cost of creativity

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Definition of Creativity

Creativity — Doing something extraordinary with ordinary things

How to be Creative

1. Find out the starting point

This needs you to observe everything that is available at your disposal. This is always a very large set of things.

For example — You can make a water filtration system using tissue paper, sand, stones, and gravel. You will only be able to think of this solution when you realize that you have all these materials available to you without any cost

2. Try New Combinations

You have to mentally and physically try different combinations of available things to observe the results.

For example — To create a new sauce for pasta you will have to try mixing different sauces and spices for your pasta. Some combinations have been tried before.

3. Document Failures

You have recorded the failures in your mind to not repeat them.

For example — If a house made of sand can’t hold a bowling ball, then note to use any other material to build the house or use a lighter bowling ball. Just don’t repeat the exact same thing.

4. Be Patient

You have to try unconventional things and would fail most of your experiments. Since you are trying unconventional things if any of your experiments succeed you will call “creative” by this world.

Cost of Creativity

The 4 steps for creativity reveal what it takes to be creative

· High Risk

It is uncertain how many experiments it will take to succeed. The efforts to carry out these trials are the risk one must be ready to take.

· High Failures

Your road to creativity will have a lot of failures. You need a heart of iron to endure so many failures.


Only if you or the people asking you to be creative are willing to bear the cost of creativity, that you should attempt to be creative. If successful the rewards of creativity are unmeasurable.

Are you ready for the Cost of Creativity ?



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