Bite-Size Success

How to succeed every day of your life?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 1, 2021

Everyone wants to succeed. We all have our goals and dreams. We postpone our happiness and bind it to the time we will meet our goal in the future. Can we be happy only in the future? How can we do better?

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Succeed a little

If you succeed multiple times a day instead of once a year, your happiness and motivation quotient rise exponentially. This change will also increase your chances to succeed big. Here are the 3 steps:-

· Small daily goals

Set daily tasks such that completing them will be considered a success. These tasks must not be too easy nor too hard.

For example — Reading 10 pages of a book, working out for 30 minutes, making your own breakfast, etc.

· Track your tiny successes

Use some tools to checkmark the tasks you completed. Crossing off a daily routine will give you immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

Check List — Do your laundry, clean your trash, Write an article, etc.

· Thank Yourself

Do you want to work in an office where your boss never acknowledges your work? He only compliments you when you do something extraordinary. Probably No.

You are your own boss. Be Kind in the words you use during your self-talk.

Call to Action

Make a list of small goals that you want to achieve every single day. Cross off the tasks as you complete them. Thank yourself every night and relish your small successes.


This concept dilutes the happiness of big success and distributes it to serve a daily dose of dopamine. If you break down your larger goals into small chunks that you can do every day, this mindset will ensure you enjoy the process and reach the larger goals.



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