Benefits of Giving in a Selfish World

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 26, 2021

Why should I give something where everyone else is focusing on getting as much as they can?

This article gives logical benefits to giving (Not Karma, Religious or Spiritual benefit)

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What to give and to Whom?

One can give whatever is left after fulfilling the necessities of their own loved ones. This is a fact in the current world. Before the world, you have responsibilities towards yourself and your loved ones.

Please note — I used the word Necessities, Be Honest, and do count a desire as a necessity.

It is not practical to sacrifice all your desires and give up everything. Start with 10% giving.

Give it to someone who needs it more than you do.

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Benefits of Giving

It is completely rational to know what you will get in return before you give anything

1. Feel Resource

While everything around us makes us feel bad due to constant comparison. When we give something, we feel we have plenty of that source

For example:

· To feel rich — give money

· To feel knowledge — give knowledge

· To feel loved — give love

2. Improved resource allocation

The Moment you consider giving something, you find out so many things that are not adding much value to your life. You keep the useful things and give up what’s extra. Reducing the cluster of resources gives you peace of mind to utilize resources better.

3. Make the world a better place

If you give up, mobile upgrade for a year and fund the education of a child with that money. The child will be better educated and will contribute to society than your mobile phone could ever have.

Why do you care? — Because you want to live in a better world

4. Unexpected gifts

Let’s assume the world is not 100% selfish (which is true), then you would get unexpected rewards for your generosity. Since you have without expectations. This reward comes across as a pleasant unexpected gift.


All 4 Benefits will make you happier and give you calm of mind. The moment we start considering giving as an investment rather than an expense we can change the world.



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