Ask Better Questions

What questions to ask and What not to ask?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 28, 2021

What kind of questions you ask is a good parameter to judge your personal and professional life. Everyone wants you to ask better questions. Here’s how you do it.

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Don’t Ask these

· Rhetorical Questions

These are the questions you already know the answer to but you ask them to gain attention. Use it classically in your speeches or presentations but don’t make them a part of the conversation.

For example — Are you getting what I am saying? Right?

· Google-able Questions

If the answer to these questions is just a google away then don’t ask this question. People will perceive you as too lazy to even google something.

For example — Is tomorrow a public holiday? Do you have a course on Entrepreneurship?

Exception: You can use these questions as an ice-breaker but don’t use them to drive a conversation

Ask these

· Most people don’t know

If this is something that most people won’t know the answer to then build up the courage to ask the question. This will make you a leader.

· You have worked for it

If it is something that you have tried to answer by yourself but failed multiple times then ask the question along with few words to tell your efforts and failures. This will show your dedication

· Major Consequences

If the answer to the questions really matters and can have major consequences then ask it no matter how silly it may sound. If you will fail if you don’t know this then ask ahead.


Whenever you ask a question, you demand the complete attention and complete knowledge of the person who is questioned. You will only get a limited number of chances to do so. Hence use these opportunities wisely.


While asking questions focus on quality over quantity. Don’t ask a question just for the sake of asking, ask it because you really want to know and there is no other way to find out the answer.



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