Quit Procrastination

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readOct 8, 2021

Everyone procrastinates and later regrets it. None of the motivational content works, we just end up procrastinating again. Just don’t procrastinate reading this article as this will help you reduce procrastination.


We procrastinate something when we think we can do it in lesser time. The Moment the panic strikes because of limited time or important deadline, the procrastination stops. So procrastination stems from one’s over-confidence and lack of planning. We will use this information to break the chain of procrastination.

Solution Steps

1. Know your speed

Concept: Any task stretches to fill the time it has. For example: Even if you can read a chapter in 1 hour if you give yourself 5 hours, the reading will fill the 5 hours of your time. Always try to reduce the time you take till you find the right time, in this case, 1 hour.

2. Divide total work

Divide the work into smaller chunks. For example: 1 book = 20 chapters. So instead of thinking about reading 1 book think about reading 20 chapters.

3. Find Effort Hours

Based on the above two points find the number of effort hours you need to get the work done. In this case, 20 chapters equal 20 hours.

4. Distribute

Divide the total effort hours till the deadline such that the first few and last few days are easier whereas middles days are harder. If the task is to Finish a 20-chapter book in 7 days.

Plan = Mon (2) + Tues (2) + Wed (4) + Thurs (4) + Fri (4) + Sat (2) + Sun (2)

5. Build Streak

Now instead of looking at reading a book in 1 week, your Monday will look like reading for 2 hours by end of the day. This makes false deadlines that will help you stay consistent. You can make even finer deadlines such as Read 1 chapter before 6 pm and 1 chapter before sleeping.


These steps become institutive after the first few successes. Remember to not be overconfident, break larger tasks and follow a planned streak of false deadlines.



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