Accusation Response

How to handle a fake accusation?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 10, 2021

From ‘You broke the coffee mug’ to ‘You harassed a stranger’, we can be accused of anything. There are 3 steps of response for any accusation. Read ahead to find out.

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Step #1: Don’t attack

An accusation hurts like a thousand needles but we have to force ourselves to stay calm because in the present world violence and anger are frowned upon and are a direct disqualification from the debate about the accusation. The chances of you being heard reduce as you raise your voice.

Step #2: Break the Argument

Any accusation must be based on some facts and assumptions to draw a conclusion. Break the facts, assumptions, or reasoning.

Accusation: -

There was candy in the refrigerator, only you were present in the house, and the candy was gone after the day. Hence you ate the candy.

Ways you can break the argument

· There was no candy in the refrigerator (fact breaking)

· A guest came for a visit and hence I wasn’t alone in the house (assumption breaking)

· Missing candy doesn’t mean I ate it, I threw it because it was expired, etc. (logic breaking)

Step # 3: Collaborate

This is the final step, after the above 2 steps the faith of the accuser will reduce and you can seize this opportunity to collaborate with them. Make them see your point of view and support your point of view with facts. An argument only ends when both parties find a middle ground that both believe in. It can be government law, science, family values, or anything else.

For example:

Show the fact that the last time you broke the mug and confessed you weren’t scolded rather praised for honesty. (Fact known to the accuser, hence collaborate)

This has developed a value of honesty in you and hence if you had broken the mug this time you would have said so.


If you don’t defend yourself — you are sentenced guilty

If you get angry/violent — you are sentenced guilty and a bad person

But If you Break the argument, collaborate with the opposition, and Be calm — You are found innocent

Please Note — This approach only works when you are innocent. Don't use it to defend lies.



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