A simple Test to measure success

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 4, 2021

We all want to be successful but we don’t know how to measure success . It is impossible to achieve something that you can’t quantify or estimate. This article will help you find your amount of success and how to increase it.

The Test — TED Talk

Suppose you were to give a TED talk to an audience of 100 people including yourself. At the end of the speech, how many of them will be inspired/impressed by you?

If 40/100 then you are 40% successful. Simple.


This test tells us that your percentage success depends on the following

· Your audience

How accomplished are the people in the audience? If you are surrounded by highly accomplished you would appear less successful because it is difficult to impress them.

· Your achievements

This is a no-brainer. The Number and the scale of achievements will be crucial to the impact of your Ted Talk. Having More and Greater achievements make you more successful.

· Your presentation

How well you present your achievements is also important. Better presentation could boost up your success score significantly.


· No one is a failure, it is just less successful

If you are hardworking, in the worst case you will inspire yourself which means 1 % success.

· No one is 100 % successful everywhere

Since your success rating depends on the audience and you can’t impress/inspire every person on the planet. You will never be 100 % successful.

· You can always improve

There is always scope for improvement. Which makes success a journey and not a destination.


If you wish to be successful start by accepting your current level of success and work on your achievements and presentation.

Avoid negative audience which will keep pulling you down.

Similarly, avoid barely successful people, you will appear 100 % successful among those 100 people which will hinder your desire to improve further.

Envision your TED talk and keep improving



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