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How to use advice ?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readOct 1, 2021

Everyone in this world will be ready to give this to you if you ask them nicely. This is completely free. If you use it well then it can be precious for you.


Everyone loves attention and respect. If you give them to someone and ask for advice in return. They will feel more important and will happily give you advice. While getting advice you must focus on quality over quantity. There is a specific procedure to use an advice.

Advice Usage


Try to get the advice from the person who has experience in the domain of your problem. For example: You should ask a singer for advice on singing not on how to code in python.

Post advice

· Paraphrase the advice: Try to find the core ideas from their long advice

· Relevance check: Advice must be applicable to your personal life

· Actionable: Convert the broad advice into actionable points

· Planning: Create a plan on how you will act on the advice.

For example

Advice: In a startup , Execution of the idea is more important than the idea itself

Relevance check: Yes, I am considering entrepreneurship, hence it is relevant.

Actionable: What are the execution steps for the startup idea?

Planning: Which step to do first and which one to do last?


Advice is something you can get from anyone and for free . If you use these free gifts well , you can make a fortune out of them . Go ahead take advices and use the framework to use these advices .



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