A date with the person we forget to love

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 1, 2021


There is a person who has always been there for you through your thick and thin, your happiness and sorrows, always supported you, and cared for you the most. And You forget to love this person.

In this article, I have meticulously planned a date for you and this person. So, keep your Sunday free and keep reading to know more.

Who is this person? — The One behind the mirror — Yourself.

Most people spend their entire lives loving their partner, family, friends, and even material things but forget to love themselves. We are losing the ability to love ourselves.

Let’s get going with the date.

(Dating Tip — Woo yourself with a cute outfit and keep your phone away)

Part 1: Meeting Yourself

Observe yourself from an outsider’s view and give 5 genuine compliments.

To give better compliments read my article here.

Part 2: Have Fun on your date

Remember the fun activity you couldn’t find time to do?

Do it and post about it with #selfLove.

Part 3: Food blossoms Love

Cook/Order your Favorite Meal. Even a bar of Dark Chocolate will do.

Part 4: Take a walk

Take a walk for a one-on-one talk with yourself and be a patient listener.

Talk about your likes/dislikes, memories, ambitions, even your problems.

Part 5: Love thy body

Express love to your body for all the diseases it fights for you every day.

Pamper yourself. It can be a warm bath, a manicure, a head massage, etc.

And that sums up your first date. Let me know how it went; p.

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