5 types of people you will meet

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 2, 2021

Everyone around you can be categorized into one of the 5 categories. You have to push away some categories and pull some much closer to you. This article will help you evaluate your partners, friends, colleagues, mentors, and everyone else.

The 5 categories of people in their order of closeness are as follows: -

The examples are only to give you an idea. The categories of these people can differ for you.

Please note

It is possible that a person appears to belong to more than one category. In that case, pick the category that is most prevalent in their daily behaviour.

5 Circles for Visualisation

Generally, the number of people of each category you will find will be similar to the areas of the circles.

This means You will get

Very fewer Promoters < Fewer Competitors < Some Supporters < Many Observers < Many More Demoters.

In Conclusion, I advise you to give your promoters a hug and shoo away your Demoters.



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