4 ways of living life — What’s yours

Are you Escaping, Existing, Exploring, or Experiencing life?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 15, 2021

An average human lives for 80 years and each day we choose to live our lives in one of the 4 ways.

This article will familiarize you with 4 ways of living so that you can know how you are living today and decide how you wish to live in the future.

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The 4 E’s of living

Life #1: Escaping

If you seek pleasure or intoxication to be oblivious to the difficulties of your life, you are escaping life. In this case, you are aware of the reality but you are trying your best to not face it.

This is a common way for most addicts of porn, sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Life #2: Existing

If you are just watching life pass by and just doing enough to survive life, you are only existing. In this case, you lose track of time because you wish time to pass by as quickly as possible. You feel no desire to change your life.

This is a common way for people who have accepted a monotonous lifestyle.

Life #3: Exploring

If you are trying out things outside your comfort zone, you are exploring. In this case, your life is very adventurous i.e., it has many ups and many more downs. The downs might discourage you from exploring life further.

This is a common way for people who are hustling and trying out new things.

Life#4: Experiencing

If you 100% aware of what is going inside you and, in the world, outside, you are experiencing life. This is a calm way of living where you are aware of the harsh realities but you accept them and mold yourself accordingly. In this case, you are aware of every single day of your life.

This is a common way for people who are highly self-aware and adaptive.


Ask yourself — how many moments can you remember from the last week?

The moments you can remember (even faintly) were the moments you were experiencing life.

A person can have more than one way of living during his life.

I hope this article helps you introspect your way of living and change the way if you wish to.



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