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Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 20, 2021

I am composing this article on the occasion of my mother’s birthday on 20th September. She has taught me so many things just by her way of living. I am sharing the 3 most prominent learnings.


1. Dedication

All of us have weekends off, festival holidays, and even sick leaves. My mom has taken no days off since the day I was born. The dedication she possesses to complete her share of responsibilities no matter what is unworldly. The readers and I can learn to stay dedicated to the major responsibilities we have and do justice to them no matter how tough our life is going.

2. Optimism

My family and I have been through our share of lows. While everyone gave up hope, my mom always kept the faith. She has a unique ability to always see the good in the worst situations. This optimistic thought process is reason behind all the success bestowed upon our family. The readers and I can learn to look at the bright side of things and stay hopeful for a better tomorrow in the toughest times.

3. Perseverance

When you get shot, there are doctors who can heal you. But when life beats you up using the hammer of time, it is really hard to get back up. If getting emotional punches was a sport then my mom is Mohammad Ali. She can take a lot of these punches. She just keeps going no matter what. The readers and I can learn to build our endurance towards the punches life throws at us and keep going.


My mother has taught me to stay dedicated to my responsibilities, have a positive mindset, and persevere during the lows of life. I am fortunate to watch her do all this, instead of reading this in a self-help book.

Happy Birthday, Mamma,

Wishing you all the happiness in the world



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