3 lessons from 30 days of writing

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 11, 2021


My dream baby of writing has completed its first month . With ups and downs, my articles have received over 2500 views. In these 30 days, I learned three lessons by observing my readers

Lesson 1: The Truth about life

We often feel that our life is messed up whereas others are well settled. Let me assure you that everyone has got their fair share of problems. No one is living a hunky-dory life.

Lesson 2: We are our worst enemy

Most people prefer to ignore the solutions because of the required effort to implement them in their life due to their Psychological inertia (learn to conquer it here) and their lack of Mental Stamina (learn to build it here).

Lesson 3: Crisp is the key

Whatever you wish to convey your ideas to the busy world you must keep it concise and logical so that you get their valuable attention.

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Am I a stupid writer?

· I don’t write on a monetized platform (all my articles are free)

· I don’t spam my content with SEO keywords (I edit every extra word out)

· I don’t write content for the mass audience

Content for a mass audience looks like

1. 5 signs he/she likes you.

2. 7 easy steps to lose weight.

3. What does your horoscope sign/month of birth/letter of name tell you?

4. How to get a paid software for free?

5. How to hack someone’s social media? etc.

I create content people need to read not the content people want to read. I don’t care about money.

Dear Reader,

I will keep creating content like this. I just need your help to reach more readers like you.

In return for the value I add to your life, I wish that you share my content with your friends and colleagues.


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