21st Century: Survival Guide

How to become the Alpha human ?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readOct 4, 2021

The skillset and mindset needed to survive the modern world is completely different to those needed to survive in the Wild. Read ahead to be the modern Alpha (leader).

First Step: Independence

Without external help, you must be able to procure or already own all of the following:

1. Resources

You must be able to produce/buy the things you need for ex. Groceries, Study Material, Internet, Transport etc.

2. Food

You must be able to cook 7 days meal completely by yourself. This way you can keep yourself well fed even when all food suppliers aren’t functional.

3. Shelter

You should be able to own/build/rent a place to live. This must be completely at your own.

4. Mind

You should be difficult to be manipulated. Control over your emotions, Intelligence and ability to strategize are crucial for your survival.

5. Body

Do you have a body that is your strength rather than your weakness? Build and maintain your body to the level that it doesn’t hinder your progress and when possible, give you a competitive advantage.

Second Step: Provide

You should have the above 5 things in excess so that you can share it with others who don’t have them.

Third Step: Battle

There will be numerous occasions where you would have to protect your independence. You have to handle pressure and take quick decisions to come out as a winner. This battle can be with others or with yourself. This can be the battle to be better than yesterday.


To survive the concrete Jungle, you don’t need big muscles or any weaponry. You need independence, the ability to provide and the preparedness for Battle. These are the modern parameters for an alpha human.If you have all the above then beat your chest like King Kong cause you are among the strongest in this world .



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