#100: How Writing Saved my life

This is my 100th article where I will share the changes the happened in my life as I started writing. I hope this motivates the readers.

Life Saver

· No Overthinking

The continuous effort that goes into editing and simplifying the content for my articles is now imprinted onto my brain. This has become a way of thinking. I am able to think in a structured manner and have control over my thoughts to a decent extent.

· No Depression

The COVID stay home all the time is hard for everyone and I was no exception. A shift from college independence to a restricted life was not easy for me. Writing fills in the void to do something unexpected every day which is essential to keep me going.

· Give Back

I always believed in sharing the knowledge I have and I can procure. Every thank you, every compliment, every clap strengthens my idea to add value to the lives of everyone.

· Discipline

Writing every single day without any days off through illness, travel, work and personal problems has made me disciplined and taught me the value of consistency.

· Self-Love

There have been days when an article I wrote with a lot of hard work gets only 10 views. I have learned to stay calm during the highs and the lows. Every article is a creation made me love and effort. I am the one who loves my creation the most and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

· Learnings

The practical, logical and impatient audience of the current era can easily see-through low-quality content. Hence, I have to stay on my toes and keep learning. So that I can distill and simplify the ideas for my readers.

Thank You

I am just a 22-year-old trying to add value to your life, one article at a time. I am utterly grateful for the love I have received and I am motivated to keep getting better.


Aayu Kharbanda



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Aayu Kharbanda

Aayu Kharbanda

An ambitious guy trying to disrupt education industry.